Photograph by Rozenn Guiton, Cote d'Or Tourisme
Past Issues
Photography Jean-Marc Schwartz, Cote d'Or Tourisme

Past issues are available at the following prices: 2 to 6 are available at GBP 12.00. Issue 7 is available at GBP 15.00 and issue 8 at £25. With Issue 9, I changed the format condensing to one issue at GBP 40. Issue 10 became more of a bumper issue, covering the whole of the 2007 vintage in approx 300 pages is available at GBP 55. Issue 11 is similar and may be purchased for GBP 55; Issue 12 for GBP 65; Issues 13, 14 , 15 and 16 are priced at GBP 85 each; Issue 17 is the current past issue and is available at £85. 

There is a brief synopsis of issues 1 to 8 if you click on the menu to the left. Issues 9 onwards have followed the same format. The contents are described in the 'About' page.
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