Photograph by Rozenn Guiton, Cote d'Or Tourisme
Past Issues
Photography Jean-Marc Schwartz, Cote d'Or Tourisme

Past issues are available at the following prices: 2 to 6 are available at GBP 12.00. Issue 7 is available at GBP 15.00 and issue 8 at £25. Issue 9, an annual bumper issue, is GBP 40. Issue 10 was the largest to date covering the whole of the 2007 vintage in approx 300 pages is available at GBP 55. Issue 11 is similar and may be purchased for GBP 55; Issue 12 for GBP 65; Issues 13  to 14 are priced at GBP 85 each; Issue 15 is the current past issue and is available at £85. 

There is a brief synopsis of each issue available by choosing from the menu on the left.
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